Clear Aligners

Have you put off orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to wear traditional metal braces? If so, you may want to consider clear aligners. At his practice in Silver Spring, Maryland, Stephen J. Friedman, DDS, PA, offers state-of-the-art Invisalign® clear aligners to address orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, and bite problems. To see if you’re a candidate for clear aligners, make an appointment by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool today.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a cutting-edge type of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of plastic, nearly invisible mouthpieces to gradually straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Dr. Friedman regularly prescribes Invisalign® clear aligners to men, women, and adolescents with mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

Unlike traditional braces that use brackets, rubber bands, and wires, Invisalign aligners use a patented thermoplastic known as SmartTrack®. SmartTrack is FDA-approved and free of all allergens including BPS, BPA, latex, and gluten. In addition, you can remove your clear aligners. So, if you have a big event such as a wedding, job interview, or professional mixer, you can take them out and leave them at home.

What types of issues can clear aligners correct?

Dr. Friedman usually recommends clear aligners for people who have mild or moderate orthodontic problems, such as:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crowded teeth

You might also benefit from Invisalign clear aligners if you have gaps or spaces between your teeth.

How does orthodontic treatment with clear aligners work?

To determine if you’re a candidate for Invisalign clear aligners, Dr. Friedman does an oral exam, reviews your medical history, and asks you about your goals for treatment. Next, Dr. Friedman takes a series of impressions and uploads them to a computer program that allows him to digitally map out the exact movements of your teeth.

After developing a treatment plan, Dr. Friedman sends your impressions to a laboratory that manufactures your clear aligners. You return to the office every few weeks to put on a new set of clear aligners. Each new set of clear aligners places the right amount of force on your teeth, slowly but surely moving them into place and correcting the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

How long will I need to wear my clear aligners?

The length of Invisalign treatment varies from patient to patient. However, most people see stunning results within 12-18 months. In order to achieve your desired results, make sure to follow Dr. Friedman’s instructions and wear your clear aligners between 20-22 hours every day.

After your done wearing your aligners, Dr. Friedman provides you with a retainer that ensures your teeth stay in place. The closer you follow Dr. Friedman’s treatment plan, the quicker you’ll see noticeable results.

If you’re unhappy with your smile as a result of orthodontic issues, clear aligners are worth looking into. Request your consultation with Dr. Friedman today by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.